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Calm dog & confident owner

5-year-old german shepherd

Last month I reached out through messenger about my new GSD rescue dog, Romell. Annie responded almost immediately and after a phone consult we set up a date for in home training. After just one session, Romell AND I had a better understanding of what was expected to improve his unwanted behaviors. We had our work cut out!!!!!

BEFORE - Romell had a very hard time outdoors, high anxiety with some compulsive blanket dragging, excessive barking, unable to go for walks, pulling us, lounging at cars and an absolute nightmare riding in the car.  My family and I were very stressed and didn’t know what else to do.  At 5 1/2 years old being a foster dog with 5 previous family’s, we thought he was untrainable.

After the first training session  and our consistent dedication, Romell now walks with a loose leash, blanket is GONE  and replaced with toys that he actually plays with correctly, follows :place, stay, leave it, etc commands, and LAYS outside watching cars DRIVE BY!!!!!! The in car is a work in progress and he is already 75% better!

We have had 3 trainings to date. We have the tools we need and I am confident of what is expected out of our dog. He is more relaxed and respects the rules. Annie is patient and you can tell she genuinely LOVES dogs and her job. The Better K9 [Best Life K9 Training] gets a 10+++ rating!!!

Reyes family

No more jumping

2-year-old labradoodle
We just finished group training class with our two year-old Labradoodle and she is so much more confident and pleasant to be around. No more jumping on people when they enter the room or begging for food at the dinner table!

Annie has a terrific demeanor with the dogs, and you can tell she really cares about their success. She truly went above and beyond to equip us with the tools and techniques to instill confidence and discipline in our Sadie Rose. Thank you!

Curt Geiler

Comes when called

1-year-old lab
Highly recommend Annie! After just one in-home session, our 1 year lab was a completely different dog. He went from being pushy and not respecting our personal space to a very well behaved boy. He loves lying in his “place” now. The kids can leave their bedroom doors open without having their stuffed animals and toys stolen now!

Walking the 110 lbs. moose was no fun as he had no manners and was just pulling us around the neighborhood. We now walk him all the time with him staying right by our sides.

He would only “come” on his terms but now listens and comes when called. We never thought he would change, but Annie equipped us with the tools to make that happen.

If you want a dog that listens, greets guests appropriately and can go places with ease, you need to contact Annie!

Ryan Cole

Dream dog

Beagle Mix
About a year ago I reached out to Annie Bailey for dog training sessions. Hazel could barely walk on leash, the only command she would listen to was sit, she escaped out of our yard on a weekly basis, she was destroying everything and having accidents all over our house.

After 3 training sessions, a year of trial and error, retraining and making new habits. I’m happy to say hazel is almost completely trained to walk off leash and she’s perfect on leash, she will now sit, lay down and stay until released, hasn’t escaped out of our yard in close to 6 months, will now come when called off leash, hasn’t chewed up anything she wasn’t supposed to and has had only a handful of accidents since we started training.

I can not recommend and thank The Better K9 Training enough. We were miserable and frustrated and Hazel is now our dream dog. She is located in the Trenton, IL area. If you need some K9 help you will not be disappointed.

Darian Matthews

Can you relate?

You can have the same success with your dog. Contact us today to get started!
2-year-old Pitbull
Our dog was 3 when she went through Annie’s program and had issues with walking on a leash and severe anxiety/aggression towards other animals. We got her when she was 2 and she had been trained her whole life to attack. Now she walks comfortably on the leash right past most animals. We still struggle with her sometimes but she has made TREMENDOUS improvement with just three lessons with the k9 team! Now, almost 6 months later and in a new country, she has started to use the bathroom in the new house and Annie has continued to help us via Facebook with ways to retrain our now already grown dog. She and her team are AMAZING and she kicks the saying “can’t teach old dogs new tricks” out of the existence. Would recommend her to anyone who needs any kind of help.

Stormie Hernandez
9-month-old Jack Russell Terrier
Annie is AWESOME. My wife and I are so glad we found her. She has honestly blessed our little dog! We have a 9 month old JRT who is really stubborn with crates and has bad separation anxiety. Vinny was training with her for 5 days and she taught him so many skills! How to walk on a leash, how to be relaxed and calm inside the house, even sleeping in his crate at night! Vinny hates his crate so for him to come home and sleep in his crate the first day with no problems is amazing. Annie helped him conquer his fear of crates in just 5 days. We can only imagine what she can do with more sessions! Annie honestly worked her magic on Vinny. Not only is she an awesome person with such a great personality she is a true professional, she helped Vinny be in a better and calmer state of mind. Annie truly cares for dogs, and is the best at what she does. We can go on and on about how great Annie is, but bottom line if you need any help with your dog she is the person to contact. WE DEFINITELY RECOMMEND HER! She is the best professional you can find with help for your dog. We can't wait to have more training sessions with her!! Thanks Annie!

Andrew Arroyo
Annie is a lifesaver. My dog has severe anxiety, and just with 3 private sessions with her, I have already seen a dramatic improvement. He still has a long way to go, but she helped us with the fundamentals to get him to be a more confident dog. I am so thankful for all her help and patience with my little guy. She told me she has a passion for helping people and dogs and improving quality of life, and it truly shows in her work. So blessed to have had the opportunity to work with her, and to learn ways to better help my sweet Nugget become a more confident dog. THANK YOU, ANNIE. Nugget and I would be lost without you!

Katie Runyon
Mini Aussie
My dog was barking at other dogs and pulling on his leash during walks, barking at everything he saw, anxious if I left him, and generally running my life. We had been to three different trainers with some success but the barking just kept getting worse. Annie kept Kaya at her house overnight and just that made a huge difference in our lives.

I decided we needed some consistent training so invested in the 3-pack of lessons. It was really hard work for both of us, there was homework and a lot of relearning, and worth every penny! Now Kaya listens when I give him the command to stop barking and he can walk by other dogs without losing his mind! He walks on his leash like a good boy most of the time but still gets distracted by bees and butterflies....that’s his job though, he’s a dog!! He still grumbles at me when I let him know he needs to stop a behavior, because he’s a mini-Aussie and they talk back. Even Annie couldn’t keep from laughing at him when he talked back.

Our life is much more peaceful than it was before we met Annie, and Kaya knows he is not the boss of me. I love my dog and am so grateful to Annie for helping us learn boundaries and teaching me how to work WITH my dog. Annie is the best.

Kitty Kennedy

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