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Puppy Training

Putting the right paw forward

Private Puppy Session

$295 first session | $225 follow-up

Need help getting off on the right foot with your puppy? We will help you do that in the comfort of your own home. You will get immediate results with potty training, crate training, intro to leash skills and obedience, teaching the puppy bite inhibition and bite control, and more!

Puppy All Life Stages Program

6 weeks | $6000

  • 2 weeks at 4 months old
  • 2 weeks at 9 months old
  • 2 weeks at 12 months old

In this program, we will take your puppy for three, two-week board and train sessions. This allows us to help shape your puppy into a wonderful, well-rounded dog who you can enjoy for their lifetime.

Puppies go through many developmental changes in their first year of life and our goal is to set you and your puppy up for a happy and enjoyable life together. Your puppy will come home to you on the weekends so that you can work on all that your puppy is learning while away at school. We also want you the owner, to be a part of the training process!

Puppies can struggle with many behavior problems in their first year of life including jumping, barking, digging, chewing, puppy mouthing/biting, pulling on the leash, not coming when called and experiencing separation anxiety. In this training program, we ensure that your puppy becomes a social, well-mannered member of your family without any lingering bad habits.

From crate training and potty training to off leash training, this program covers it all! Contact us today for more information on our All Life Stages program.